New Year and a Fresh Start

Happy 2018 to you all! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas – managed to spend time with people you love, eat some nice food and watch some classic films. The new year brings a fresh start.

Professional Development

Communication Techniques for Getting Your Designs Approved

You have spent years getting this far – going to university, taking regular courses and workshops, going to conferences, reading countless books, articles, and listening to weekly podcasts – only for a stakeholder to steamroll your design expertise.
Here are 11 techniques for improving your communication skills and getting your designs approved.


Redesigning My UX Portfolio

Your portfolio as a presentation of your career and a reflection of your personality. It’s possible that the people who are looking at your work might not have design experience. Here are 3 tips to making your portfolio shine.


Animation with Sketch using the AnimateMate Plugin

Since switching to Sketch, I have found it difficult to find an easy way to create high-quality, simple transitions to demonstrate micro interactions. I have just recently discovered the free AnimateMate plugin and I’m delighted with the results.

Design Career

UX Case Study: How to Put One Together

Show your design skills with a UX Case Study. Very often, when you’re a more senior designer, you would need to have at least 1 project that you can go in-depth about. Here’s my template on how to put one together.